Saturday, October 5, 2013


It's cold outside, you can't see a flower anywhere, so I decided to keep up the summer with my clothes. 
For this "ROSE" look I chose vintage mix with a little bit of modern. It's strange that I don't like to wear skirts when it's warm summer, but I adore skirts in winter or autumn. Short skater skirt and big cozy scarf- j'adore!
Take a look.

Golden necklace £7.99
Jersey skirt £9.99
Biker jacket £34.99
Tube scarf
Vintage cardigan
Lorenzo shoes

See you soon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In my opinion, 90's are the best time of fashion history. What can be better than "casual chic" look? Oversized shorts, hoodies, jeans, T-shirts. Love it.
For today's post I will use my beautiful mother Rasa (her name means "dew" in Lithuanian). She is my personal idol, starting of 90's and even in nowadays. She always loved photography, art and fashion obviously. She can dress and look super crazy or she can look gorgeous and elegant. 
Take a look at some old photos of her.

She has the most beautiful smile in the world.

Look at her pants. It's crazy! I want them. 

This photo is certainly my favorite. All these people and just 
her, standing in the middle. 

One of the newest photos. Look at her shorts...
Adorable. And the T-shirt. 

Hope that you can also find some kind of inspiration from your parents or old photos. Let me know! 

See you soon. 

Friday, July 19, 2013


Summer is the best time to show your beautiful legs. But how to do it fashionable and tastefully?
Lets see!

3D fabrics
This summer you have to focus on fabric. It must be very impressive, unusual. You wont regret by choosing dress with aplications, patterns or images.

Flowers. The more, the merrier
Summer- flowering time. Your dress should look like meadow. Flower patterns can be very youthful, or very elegant. These dresses are universal, you can wear them anywhere: at work, at the party or at the picnic. You will look fantastic.

Little, but not black dress
Minimalism is one of the mos important trends this summer. It will be useful in festival, where you should look a little bit reservedly, then you must remember little dress. Just forget about black one, summer must be colorful.

See you soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am always wearing simple, but really nice outfits. I love cute, warm girly look. 
Take a look. 

Leather jacket: VERO MODA
Jeans: CUBUS

See you soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 "I'd tell them that you don't have to be anybody. Because I'd know that being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway." - Gia Carangi

This young woman is a total inspiration to me. I haven't seen such an amazing, spirited, wild, independent person in my life! 
Gia Marie Carangi (January 29, 1960 – November 18, 1986)
She was an american fashion model in late 70s. 

Carangi was featured on the cover of British VOGUE

VOGUE Italia

American VOGUE 

VOGUE Paris twice

She had the whole world on her finger tips, unfortunately she became addicted to heroin. Despite this, she was still determined to make a comeback in the fashion industry. In 1986 she was diagnosed with AIDS. Gia was first woman who died of AIDS. 
There is a biography of Carangi by Stephen Fried called Thing of Beauty and movie "GIA" with Angelina Jolie.
Take a look at early life of Carangi:

Also, take o look at these episodes from movie "GIA"

See you soon

Thursday, June 6, 2013


A long time, "ethno" clothes were not one of the girls favorite outfits, but now the situation has changed radically. Especially fashionable are dark clothes with rippled patterns, borrowed from different countries. Scarves, ground sweeping long stitched dresses and mottled skirts are BOMB this summer!
Take a look

Who can say no to them? Look how cute and even sexy
they can be!

They are everywhere! From belts to shoes with them.
How gorgeous is that?

It's very important. I just love "ethnic" patterns. 
They are kind a mystical and so warm to look!

Feathers are relly popular this summer. And so are
accessories. The more the merrier! Don't forget about brigt
neon colors. 

See you soon

Friday, May 31, 2013


People love practical, comfortable and stylish clothes... jeans meets all these creteria. Granted, jeans aren’t the easiest item to buy and finding that perfect pair inevitably involves hours spent in a fitting room, but once you’ve found them – the pair can magically remold your body. Denim can be sexy or elegant, light or heavy- it all depends on the season trends and users imagination. Although all the books and fashion stylists say that "denim with denim" is not appropriate, but the designers have a different opinion. They are re-discovering the double denim trend as clean, fresh and modern. Don't go just beyond denim jacket and jeans. Experiment with a denim shirt, denim accessories, skirts, shoes. Clearly, "denim with denim" is risky, but if it's done correctly - the risk will pay off.
Take a look

Stella McCartney





See you soon